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Re: [ga-roots] RE: Smart Browsers

I agree with all of that, but I'm not eager for ICANN or any ICANN committee
(including this one) to take a position on what third-party software
developers, not bound by ICANN consensus policies, should do with their
products. It's well beyond the scope of ICANN's technical coordination

    -- Bret

> It is clear to me that a browser's ability to capture the user has a
> significant implication for competition policy in Australia.  If Australians
> are using "smart" browsers (designed in America) and they type in say "beer"
> on the address line, they might go to the Top Level Domain (.com) and not
> the Second Level of the Country Code (.com.au).
> I have earlier raised this issue on Domain Policy discussion lists.  A
> respected authority (co-author of The Domain Name Handbook) named Ellen Rony
> wrote:
>> "Smart browsing" would be more effective and less controversial if it were
>> "opt in" not "opt out", and if people were able given various criteria by
>> which they could get to a site.   It could be by TLD, by trademark owner,
>> by date of earliest registration, by keywords.

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