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[ga-roots] Whois development (IETF) and .BIZ registry agreement.


  After reading Appendix O of the .BIZ registry agreement that has just
been announced as finalized, I took a look at some of the archives
briefly of the IETF ML on Whois, see:
and http://www.imc.org/ietf-whois/entire-arch.txt

  It seems appalling to me that the new Assigned registry for the new
TLD .BIZ will be charging for Whois lookups as we briefly discussed on
the phone. I would suggest that you reference these two links in a post
to the DNSO GA regarding the privacy concerns of this new registry for
.BIZ and the charging for whois lookups outlined in the registry
agreement in Appendix O of that agreement. See:
I am quite sure this would be interesting to Leah and Atlantic Root as
well!  >;)


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