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Competitive Roots:  To consider and recommend policy improvements in
relation to ICANN's relationship with external or competitive root systems
including, but not limited to, what has been called alternate or inclusive
roots, and colliding top-level domains.


(1)    "Inclusive" Root Systems
Clarification or definition of terms.
Pros/cons of unique/multiple roots (per RFCs)
Competitive, co-operative or "coopetitive"
Supply and/or issue of new TLDs.
TLD claims, prior rights & abandonment.
Identify problem & possible solutions.

(2)    Real Names & Other Systems
DNS Directories & "overlay" methods
Impact of browsers & other technology
Developments -- China, New.Net etc.

(3)    Internationalised Domain Names
Identify the nature of their operations.
Any possible conflict or collision issues?
Relationship to Chinese alternative root.
Controlled by ICANN or not?

Best regards
Patrick Corliss
Co-Chair, DNSO GA

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