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RE: [ga-review] Re: Individuals' Constituency

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|> William makes a number of excellent points.  The idea of a "catch all"
|> constituency is a brilliant concept, and is one that meshes well with
|> idea of the General Assembly as a potential constituency group.

I agree with the concept of a "catch all" constituency or the two that WX
suggests however I disagree with the concept of the GA becoming a
constituency.  I would much prefer the GA to remain an open working group
for members and non-members of contituencies to join and participate.
There will always be Internet/DNS users who may not wish to be a member of
a constituency but may be willing to participate in the GA on an informal
basis and with limited commitment.

As it stands, a member of a constituency has a number of responsibilities,
including financial considerations.  Not all players will wish to be a part
of such a structure.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch

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