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RE: [ga-int] Popular motions (Dragging in a proposal to fill up this space)

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|> Subject: [ga-int] Popular motions (Dragging in a proposal to fill up
|> this space)
|> Since there seems to be no other initiative here, let's try one....
|> The issue of getting a motinon balloted has been discussed on
|> the GA list a number of times.

Hello Harald

I agree that procedures for getting motions before participants in an
efficient manner is constructive and your proposal looks good.  Personally
I agree with WX that only a week for discussion may be too short but that
is dependant on some of the processes.  Which brings me to my question.

How do you see the gather of supporters being conducted?  Would a person
who wishes to have a motion raised, post a proposal to the mailing list and
call for supporters and then formalise the support off list?  Would any
person wishing to raise a motion do so totally off list?

The difference being that if a posting of a proposed motion and call for
supporters is made on list, then there will be some thought and discussion
generated on the proposed motion from the beginning of the process and a
single week for discussion once the motion is formal would be appropriate.

If the proposed motion and generation of supporters is to be conducted
totally off list, then there would be no list discussion on the topic and
one week would be too short.  I, personally would have a problem with such
processes being conducted completely off list also, it may appear too
secretive and selective.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch.

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