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[ga-int] Popular motions (Dragging in a proposal to fill up this space)

Since there seems to be no other initiative here, let's try one....

The issue of getting a motinon balloted has been discussed on the GA list a 
number of times.
At the moment, the Chair creates the motion text and generates the ballot.
This creates a problem for certain motions (such as a motion to remove the 
chair, or other motions that the chair might not like).

Suggestion for a rules line:

1 A Popular Motion is a text to be balloted by the DNSO GA that is supported
   by at least 5% of the GA Voters, or 15 people, whichever is the smaller.

2 A Popular Motion shall be presented in the form of a message to the GA
   list carrying the complete text of the Motion, the names of the supporting
   GA members, and a request for the Motion to be balloted.

3 A Popular Motion shall be put to a vote within a week of its
   presentation to the General Assembly, unless conditions below happen.

4 Putting a Popular Motion to the vote may be delayed until a week after
   the end of the vote on another Popular Motion.

5 A Popular Motion may be removed before balloting in the case of:
   A - The declaration of at least 2 of the listed Supporters that they do not
   support the Popular Motion
   B - A Popular Motion with a greater number of supporters, asking that the
   first Popular Motion be dismissed. Neither will then be put to a vote.


- Rule 1 should be easy. The numbers are rather arbitrary.
- Rule 2 is intended to avoid someone claiming "popular motion" based on a
   series of "me too" messages. He actually has to list the names (and under
   rule 5 A, give those names the right to kill the notion).
- Rule 3 should allow the secretariat enough time to do the preparations.
- Rule 4 is intended to avoid exhaustion by a group of 15 people proposing
   tens of motions at the same time.
- Rule 5 A is intended to allow supporters to kill a motion if they decide
   it's better not to do it after all.
- Rule 5 B is intended to allow a deeply divided GA (if it occurs) to avoid
   a situation where 2-3 groups spit motions at each other continuously,
   none of which have a chance of passing.


(PS: what I would really like is for one of the old "rules of order as 
adapted for electronic media" people to come in here with a proposal, and 
TAKE COMMENTS ON IT.....what is currently happening is just forging Lego 
bricks for the foundations.....)

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