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Internal Processes: To consider, build and enhance the General Assembly's
internal control processes including, but not limited to, its accountability
structures, electoral procedures, debating processes, mailing list rules and
system of management.


(1)    Expenses and Funding.
Attendance at ICANN Conferences.
Revenue - Grants and Other Income.
Disbursements - who to and why?
DNSO Secretarial & Services.
Donations, use of external resources.

(2)    Communication Technology
Mailing lists, IRC & teleconferencing
Physical and virtual meetings
Minutes and recording
Polling booths and voting

(3)    Rules of Order, Working Groups
Setting up WGs & Terms of Reference
Level and depth of participation
Motions and discussion
Reporting and consensus
Complaints & lack of confidence

(4)    List Rules and Protocols:
Appointment, removal of list monitors
Personal attacks, insults and slander
Excessive postings (esp. without content)
Main list & relationship to sublists
Control & consistency of sublists

(5)    Electoral Procedures
Nomination & endorsement of candidates
Selection of electoral watchdog
Conducting the ballot.  Revotes.
Withdrawal of candidate
Objections and appeals
Names Council ratification

(6)    Conflicts, Ethics & Disclosure
Definition, applicability and necessity
Requirement for continuous disclosure
Accountability to DNSO GA or NC

Best regards
Patrick Corliss
Co-Chair, DNSO GA

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