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RE: [ga-ext] Re: On-Line Voting

Maybe but, it won't be cheap. Politically, it's a real nasty pitch because
we still have the folks around that want export restrictions on encryption.
On-shore is a reasonable hope. Allowing that to go off-shore is a real
battle. I know, it's one I've been involved with for years.

Call me in the morning (after 0900 PDT, please), or send me your tel and
I'll call you.

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> From: Danny Younger [mailto:webmaster@babybows.com]
> Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2001 7:30 PM
> Might we have a chance through the Carter Center to obtain 
> necessary funding
> to develop, test, and implement the authentication 
> infrastructure necessary
> for worldwide online elections?  Their statement of principles at
> http://www.cartercenter.org/aboutus.html#funds seems to 
> indicate that they might support such a project.

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