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[ga-ext] On-Line Voting

I have noticed that the At-Large Study Committee has posted studies such as
"Security Considerations for Remote Electronic Voting over the Internet," by
Avi Rubin  http://avirubin.com/e-voting.security.html

That particular paper also refers to another recent study (March 2001), the
"National Workshop on Internet Voting"

Both of these studies imply that on-line elections are not technologically
feasible at this time.  I am worried that if the ALSC does not itself
commission a study on how to actually make such elections feasible, the
currently cited arguments might prevail in the absence of countervailing

I would appreciate it if those of you with experience in hacking or in
encryption technologies (digital certificates or otherwise) could comment
upon these studies and determine whether the technology does in fact exist
that would allow for worldwide on-line elections.

As I believe that ICANN does escrow worldwide registrant data, it should (in
my uninformed opinion) be possible to send an encrypted time-sensitive
one-time-use email to every registrant worldwide as an election ballot.  Is
this within the realm of possibility?   Any informed thoughts would be

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