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Re[3]: [ga-ext]The IC constituency building results so far [was: stuff]

On 22:38 10/05/01 -0700, William X. Walsh said:

>Do you still want to claim that this is just one person?

I am going to answer you now and I hope the answer will satisfy you at last. 

You chose to apply to yourself what I meant as a general observation: "the
power of a single individual..."

You are the driving motor of this trio of dissidents and  you exercise
power through your keyboard. Disproportionate power, compared to all those
224 other Individual DN Owners who were concerned enough to sign up as IDNO
members, but who have lives.

We have set up a structure that gives equal power to all these members, one
man , one vote and you didn't like that.
Fair enough.
In such a case one sets up one's own organization with like-minded fellows.
 All that energy, if productively spent, could have yielded an organization
with thousands of members by now. 
You didn't.
You stayed around, harrassing, baiting, taunting and bullying. 
For what purpose?  Eh?

Are you representing interests keen  to delay the introduction of a clean
and independent Domain Name Owners democracy for as long as possible?
Something within ICANN, but that could just as well live outside ICANN.
That is what the IDNO would be. 
If credible leadership could be maintained.

>I'm being very conservative in what I say, because I recognize the
>harm that us getting into this debate can cause, and I want to give
>you every reasonable chance to work positively instead of negatively.
William, that is mighty generous of you.

<untruth about evidence supplied snipped>

(of which I have full copies as well, in the event they are
Now, would you stoop to that, William, if you know that there are at least
300 other copies around the Net?

>We've been here before, and your insistence along this line will not
>foster positive progress.
Jawohl, herr Walsh.

>So answer this point blank, do you intend to make the IDNO the focus
>of your push for a domain owner's constituency?
My dear William,
It does not make any difference. We are talking about representing
Whatever IC Charter comes up, I will want to ensure that  that the model is
democratic, not totalitarian. And that whoever  ends up speaking for the
Individual DN owners is not a stooge. 

>I've been treating you with kids gloves since you brought this entire
>issue up, giving you every chance to save face.

Deeply grateful for that William. Your kindness and generosity exceeds
expectations , once again.
Sorry for bringing up the April 1999, IDNO petition in the considerans of
my motion.
It was only one of the many considerations, but I'm deeply sorry , sir.

Please do not support my unworthy motion.

I'm sure you can come up with a better one, and I await it with baited breath.

--Joop Teernstra LL.M.--  
the Cyberspace Association and 
the constituency for Individual Domain Name Owners
Elected representative.

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