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[ga-ext] The IC constituency building results so far [was: stuff]

At 01:08 10/05/01 -0700, William S. Lovell wrote:

>Opportunities are not given, but taken. The only "opportunity" needed is
>that the Bylaws say "initial" with respect to the Constituencies. There
>be no "chance to apply" EVER until there is a showing that there is a
>group of people who could actually CONSTITUTE a constituency, and
>have the wherewithal to write a charter and all the rest. 

It may come as news to you but  kindly take a look at what has been
achieved by the members of the IDNO, who HAD the wherewithal to write a
charter and "all the rest" :

1. A Charter has been written by an elected Charter committee, with the
help of often acrimonious, but always democratic mailing list  discussions.
It has been  RATIFIED by the members.  This has not be a trivial effort and
has taken over a year.  See www.idno.org/organiz.htm
2. There is a valid group of 225 Individuals , who have signed up as
members, listed by name on the website. www.idno.org/members.htm, many with
their website links. New signups are coming in all the time. 
3. There is a constituency website that details the organizational progress
that has been made so far. And the lack of progress on the ICANN front.
4. There is an archived mailing list and an announce list.
5. The constituency elects its officers and makes democratic decisions via
an Archived on-line Polling Booth voting system. 

All this, in spite of the fact that there is no  business interest of any
kind, such as there is with the other constituencies, that unites the
members and drives the effort. 

What more can you possibly expect from a group that still has to hope for
the Boards' recognition of the principle that there is a need for such a

You may listen to the few  insistent  voices that try to discredit this
effort for reasons best known to themselves, but in fairness, have a good
read of the Charter first , compare it with the Charters of the other
constituencies and keep thinking rules not  personalities.

The IDNO is a democracy. Any member can run for office. (but who wants to?)

Perhaps this is why it is so vigorously opposed?

I copy this posting to ga-ext in response to Patrick's request to continue
the discussion there.


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