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30 April 2001.

The ga-ext@dnso.org list is open.
cf. the GA Chair and Alternate Chair request in

DNSO Secretariat

Bienvenue sur le serveur majordomo@dnso.org.

Thank you for joining the public mailing list, ga-ext@dnso.org.

This Specific Purposes Mailing List was established for the General 
Assembly of the DNSO (Domain Name Supporting Organization) of ICANN.

The GA general rules of decorum apply to this list and
are enforced by the Lists Monitor Team.

  The Rules of Order for the Mailing Lists of the General Assembly
  of the DNSO as adopted in November 2000 are published in:

  The Lists Monitor Team e-mail address is: ga-abuse@dnso.org

In order to provide a useful forum for the exchange of information
and opinion, this list will be governed by the following guidelines:

  All postings should relate to the purpose of the list and be free
  from personal insults or abuse. Restrictions include:
  - no cross posting to other lists and
  - a daily limit of five postings per person.

  This is a difficult medium so please consider this list precious
  and take care of it. In particular, you should:
  - take the time to read all comments before replying
  - allow for the possibility of misunderstanding, and
  - respect those from a non-English speaking backgound
    (do not swamp the discussion with slang or acronyms).

The ga-ext@dnso.org is archived on the DNSO web site, see:

We hope you will find this list usefull.
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