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Re: [discuss] DNSO Glitches and process: A report from the DNSOfront.

>Personally, I would like to see Kent's idea of electing individual users
>from the GA studied further . My concern would be capture, how to avoid
>multiple voting, users that do not exist, etc. I don't know if the issues
>can be solved in a practical way.

I know this guy who's got a great web-based voting system. I'm sure he'd
let you use it. I'll get his email address for you. His name is Joop.

. Again, this is strictly a personal
>opinion. I do not think that the pNC should say anything about it, as it is
>not our job.

Hmmm. Are you a public serant, by any chance?

>Another issue that I am very concerned with is finances. How are we going
>to raise the money to pay for the secretariat, webcasting, teleconferences,
>meetings, etc...  if we need  (as an example, I don't know how much it will
>cost) US $50,000 to 100,000, how are we going to raise it ?

The question isn't _how_, it's _why_.

You're on the Internet. Use it.

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