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Re: [discuss] Re: Dear DNSO voters

Andy Gardner wrote:
> Javier Sola wrote:
> >
> > You have added us to your site without our permission.
> > <snip>
> > You cannot force us to be part of your scheme.

ISOC, the organization of which javier Sola is a Vice-President,
added me to their phoney NCDNSO@listserv.isoc.org list, with which
they are pretending to be the Non-Commercial Constituency, in order
to be able to claim that the ICIIU and its supporters are involved
in and accept ISOC's takeover of the NCDNHC. Javier Sola is claiming
that Joop has a "scheme" because Sola and his co-conspirators are
using their lists for scheming. In other words, they're projecting
their own illicit bahavior onto others. This is a typical ploy of
theirs. They accuse others of doing what they are doing, as a smoke
screen for their dirty tricks.

> That's your opinion. You're beginning to sound like a dictator.

Someone, I forget who, referred to him as Javier "Franco" Sola. It
fits nicely, don't you think?