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RE: [discuss] Re: Dear DNSO voters

Randy, this entire topic has seen one breach of etiquette after another
for over two years. Those rules are no longer very clear.

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> Randy Bush
> Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 1999 6:14 AM
> To: Andy Gardner
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> Subject: Re: [discuss] Re: Dear DNSO voters
> >> You have added us to your site without our permission.
> Take us OFF. We
> >> don't want any password to your site, nor the right to
> access your voting
> >> system.
> > Read: "The DNSO hasn't set itself up as a democratic
> organisation and we'll
> > be darned if some upstart wants to provide us with a free
> voting mechanism.
> > That's not part of the grand plan."
> no.  try occam's razor.  read basic net etiquette of over
> twenty years of
> practice.  do not add people to lists or services without
> their request or
> consent.
> and, in this case, even polite private reqests to be removed,
> e.g. (quoting
> my own private email in its entirety)
>     thanks, kind of you.  but when i wish to join something i
> am used to
>     requesting it.  please unjoin me from whatever it is.  thanks.
> were met with public ad hominem attacks.
> people's points and agendas might be better furthered by more
> civil and
> polite social behavior.
> randy