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Re: [discuss] Re: Dear DNSO voters

>> You have added us to your site without our permission. Take us OFF. We
>> don't want any password to your site, nor the right to access your voting
>> system.
> Read: "The DNSO hasn't set itself up as a democratic organisation and we'll
> be darned if some upstart wants to provide us with a free voting mechanism.
> That's not part of the grand plan."

no.  try occam's razor.  read basic net etiquette of over twenty years of
practice.  do not add people to lists or services without their request or

and, in this case, even polite private reqests to be removed, e.g. (quoting
my own private email in its entirety)

    thanks, kind of you.  but when i wish to join something i am used to
    requesting it.  please unjoin me from whatever it is.  thanks.

were met with public ad hominem attacks.

people's points and agendas might be better furthered by more civil and
polite social behavior.