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Re: [discuss] Re: Dear DNSO voters

>You have added us to your site without our permission. Take us OFF. We
>don't want any password to your site, nor the right to access your voting

Read: "The DNSO hasn't set itself up as a democratic organisation and we'll
be darned if some upstart wants to provide us with a free voting mechanism.
That's not part of the grand plan."

>You cannot force us to be part of your scheme.

There was no _force_ involved, Javier, he just gave you the opportunity to
take part in a democratic process.

>Take us OFF.

Don't like it when you're not in total control, Javier? How does it feel to
have the power to cut people out of teleconferences on your whim? Does it
make you horny, baby? Behave!

>aggresive action will definitely not help your cause.

That's your opinion. You're beginning to sound like a dictator.

>The polite way of
>doing things is asking people before you add them to anything.

Aha! I trust you will be asking the people your actions will affect (the
entire Internet user base) before you take any such actions in the NC? I
hope you are as polite as you expect everyone else to be.

Any aggresive action will definitely not help your cause.

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