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[discuss] Re: Dear DNSO voters


You have added us to your site without our permission. Take us OFF. We
don't want any password to your site, nor the right to access your voting
system. You cannot force us to be part of your scheme. Take us OFF. This
aggresive action will definitely not help your cause. The polite way of
doing things is asking people before you add them to anything. 


>Dear Mr Sola,
>Since it is now clear that there is no misunderstanding about you or anyone
>having been added to anything involuntarily, could you perhaps make it
>clear that you wish the other members of this forum to abstain from the
>right to express their opinion in a quantifyable way? 
>Please, Mr Sola, I am only trying to help the discussion along by making
>this tool available.
>Of course, as soon as you would have your own "official"  DNSO voting site,
>there would be no need for my facility.
>Meanwhile I am doing no more than asking for a show of hands.

At 11:45 30/06/99 +1200, Joop Teernstra wrote:
>At 12:17 29/06/1999 +0200, Javier wrote:
>>Once again, please remove me from your site, as well as all other you have
>>included there without asking for their permission. There is no such a
>>thing as a voting site for the DNSO, and, if there were one, it would be an
>>official site at the DNSO website.

>joop teernstra, bootstrap
>--Make good use of your voting rights--