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Re: [discuss] DNSO Glitches and process: A report from the DNSO front.

On Tue, 29 Jun 1999 23:58:16 -0700, "Roeland M.J. Meyer"
<rmeyer@mhsc.com> wrote:

>I was going to answer this privately, but changed my mind. I think the
>Names Council, in toto, need to hear this response. When you accepted
>your NC seat you KNEW that the meetings were to follow Robert's Rules of
>Order, did you not? The entire NC did, I am sure. Why did you not, at
>the very least, buy a personal copy of the book. Why did you not do your
>homework? This is what sickened many of us watching you blow it royal,
>up there on stage, for all the world to see. It reflects very poorly on
>all of us. When Randy (nothing personal, guy) becomes the
>parliamentarian expert in the meeting then you guys have just shown how
>much you really care. Not even enough to buy a copy of the book. To then
>hear you trivialize it like this is an outrage. You should be removed
>for incompetance. You are ill serving your constituency. You are not
>even willing to learn to do the job you were placed there to do. You
>take it too lightly. This is NOT a club meeting. This should be serious
>business. Did you think you became a Mouseketeer? This isn't just
>directed at you, it is directed at the ENTIRE Names Council. If you
>performed your day-job with this sort of diligence, how long do you
>think you would keep it?
>> Having said that, well, there is probably no other alternative,
>> so I will go out and read up on Robert's Rules... Shouldn't be
>> too difficult.  If I am too dense to figure them out, my constituency
>> will replace me with someone who can.  But I am not worried about
>> this, it is a very small problem.
>Wouldn't it have been better for you to read it BEFORE the meeting?


Isn't it clear that this NC is only intending to be a stop gap NC to
push through recommendations on key issues as quickly as possible
before any serious opposition as a chance to organize?

In light of that, I think you can expect them to only give a cursory
nod to these issues that normally should be taken very seriously.
They intend to only go as far as they MUST go, and to expedite
decision making as quickly as possible.

Did you really expect anything else from a group who is predominately
in the hands of CORE supporters and Trademark interests?

(Clue to those who might not know : Count the number on the NC who
have expressed opposition to the CORE/gTLD-MoU)

William X. Walsh
General Manager, DSo Internet Services
Email: william@dso.net  Fax:(209) 671-7934

"The fact is that domain names are new and have unique
characteristics, and their status under the law is not yet clear." 
--Kent Crispin (June 29th, 1999)