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[discuss] The process of building a process.

1) we build a list of things to work on
2) we decide priorities
3) we agree on evidence of completion for each item
4) we work each item to produce the evidence that they are completed.
5) when we have completed the list we compile the evidence from each
item  into an overall document.
6) We review the result
7) we vote on it
8) If it fails then we take the list of critiques and goto 2) else done.

It's four steps short, but it'll do <grin>. I've been getting paid for
doing this for years, it works. It's the fastest way to gather accurate
requirements that I've ever seen, and it gets client buy-in like
nobody's business. MCI does it, PacBell does it, Hughes Aircraft did it,
and IBM does it. But, what's really important is the implementation.

Roeland M.J. Meyer
Morgan Hill Software Company, Inc.
KISS, gotta love it!