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RE: [discuss] Unofficial minutes June 11 1999 Names Council Meeting

This is where your absence, from the past two years of debates, is
telling. ccTLDs are NOT a special case. They are the dominant case. The
owner of a gTLD has specific legal rights, which are being ignored. This
is the nut-shell wrt the WIPO report and problems therewith. But, we
have no structure wherein to focus this debate and this issue. The
public debate and the internal view have diverged. Therein lays the
conflict at hand.

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> > We have tried to be very clear about the fact that no actions,
> > decisions or working groups of the provisional Names Council are
> > related to issues dealing with ccTLD.
> actually, at last week's meeting i was rather shocked to hear a member
> of the cctld constituency (bill, i believe) equate gtld policy with
> cctld policy.  he seemed to feel that cctlds were gtlds.  i
> am trying to
> understand this position.
> randy