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Re: [discuss] Outreach, the talk and the walk

Joop and all,

  I am afraid that you are correct in your conclusion here Joop.  And for
the DN owners, most especially the small business owners, this is
a difficult thing to overcome without a strong effort in organizing
those small Internet business owners.  Contacting the SBA in the
US would be a good start, but only a start.  This would need to be
done globally and that is a tremendous task.  I hope that small groups
such as the IDNO can band together with other organizations
that are forming all over the globe, and make it happen.

Joop Teernstra wrote:

> Randy Bush stated:
> >and yes, outreach is a serious issue.  it will probably
> > remain so for many
> > years.  suggestions and constructive actions in this area are
> > worthwhile.
> >
> Yet, my immediate suggestion to let the Names Council reach out to the
> Individual DN owners and my constructive action (making a voting site
> available for all participants here and emailing them a password ) was met
> with Randy's reaction very similar to Javier's.
> Utter rejection.
> Is it perhaps by intention that "it will remain [a serious issue] for many
> years?"
> joop teernstra
> http://www.idno.org/vote1/


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