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Re: [discuss] Notes - Names Council Meeting, San Jose - 062599

Kent and all,

Kent Crispin wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 28, 1999 at 01:57:38PM -0700, Cthulhu's Little Helper wrote:
> >
> > Actually, is it even possible to form a minimal UDR policy that wouldn't
> > basically read as deferring to each country's laws on the matter?
> I have a trademark on "songbird" in the area of web hosting etc.
> Even on my tiny scale I do business worldwide.  How does my tiny
> business defend its trademark in Singapore?  A uniform DRP is a
> requirement for new gTLDs.

  You protect your TM the same way you do in the US.  In that the
USG under several trade agreements has reciprocity with Singapore
you are not put to an inordanant expense.

> People overlook the fact that the real beneficiaries of a UDRP are
> small businesses.  Big businesses can afford the legal bills.  Small
> businesses cannot.

  Small business can afford less I would argue, the cost of arbitration,
which the UDRP requires.  I know, I have been there.

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