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Re: [discuss] Notes - Names Council Meeting, San Jose - 062599

Randy and all,

  Although your suggestion is a valid one indeed, one must remember
that good substance follows good form or process.  If the Form and
process are bad, the substance is usually worse...  Let's try to
keep that in mind, shall we?  Good.  Thank you for your cooperation
in advance Randy...  >;)

Randy Bush wrote:

> may i humbly suggest that this forum could be used to higher purposes than
> rediscovering how simple meeting process works in our culture?  there are
> nice pamplets on the subject.  maybe someone could even post a nice url.
> could we get to items of substance instead of form?  in case you need some
> worthy of consideration, a starting place would be to take a look at the
> detailed questions for working groups a through c.
> randy


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