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[discuss] Process items

Process charts are probably better done in Visio Tech5 but I'll try and
muddle along with plain text. The final document should probably be
published in PDF. An example of the way I've been doing multi-format
documents can be found at
<http://www.dnso.net/library/dnso-orsc.proposal.shtml>. The buttons down
the left-side let the user select their favorite format. I would hope
that our web-master is up to this.

Required processes:

WG operational process
Submittal process
etc (someone start filling in the blanks already yet)

Elements of WG operational process:

The process should include advance publications of intent to for a WG,
purpose, scope, etc.
Application to the Names Council, including Statement of Work.(SOW)
A vote of the General Assembly (GA)
Open call for participants.
Publication procedures
Review process
Acceptance vote from the GA.
Recommendations from the Names Council to the ICANN BoD (and it had damn
well better be the same document).

BTW, this should be done by the entire GA, that's us, and NOT a WG. This
is exactly the way we did it on the ORSC list and we completed in a
week, from scratch, exactly the document I reference above (JAD
techniques work).

We also need someone to compile the text.