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Re: [discuss] Notes - Names Council Meeting, San Jose - 062599

On 28 June 1999, "Roeland M.J. Meyer" <rmeyer@mhsc.com> wrote:

>You know my disagreement by now, but I agree that matters of RRO
>fine-points are out of band.
>I suggest that we start drafting some process documents. I sent a coarse
>list earlier.

I apologize.  This probably isn't the proper forum for that sort of thing,
and I won't bring it up again.  I would be interested in hearing what
people think *is* the proper forum for it.  i would also ask that we at
least try to temper our haste with a bit of reason every now and again.  

In the meantime, back to groups A-C.  Actually, could we discuss A-E?
They're all supposed to report in 3 weeks, aren't they?

 Mark C. Langston