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Re: [discuss] Notes - Names Council Meeting, San Jose - 062599

Ellen Rony wrote:
>> The Names Council needs a parliamentarian.  Every vote should FIRST be
>> restated by a neutral party, and discussion should *precede* the vote, not
>> interfere with the actual voting. Chair needs to ascertain which remote
>> participants remain online and that they all heard the complete proposal
>> being voted on.

and Richard Lindsay wrote:
>The parliamentarian is a very good suggestion - however is there a 
>neutral party out there?   I do not believe the current 
>composition of the DNSO has such a position, but it certainly 
>would help procedure (the part I would say that was particularly

	You don't need a supremely neutral party; just somebody who has a good
knowledge of Robert's Rules and is basically honest.  (Hell, I'll do it if
you can't come up with anyone better.)


Jon Weinberg
Professor of Law, Wayne State University