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Re: [discuss] Individual representation

>> Agreed.  It means the academic employees -- the academics (NOT the
>> "academic institutions") -- are disenfranchised. Which was my point and
>> Ellen's, and which neither of us seems to be able to put in terms you will
>> grok.
>i understand it.  but it is quite irrelevant.  the same applies to the isp
>employees, the commercial institution employees, ...

The interests of a university as an institution or the university as a 
.edu name owner are wholly distinct from the interests of the academics 
who are employees of the university. Why allow an administrator who cares 
about .edu domain policy to participate, while leaving behind the 
trademark experts from the law school, theoriticians from the school of 
government, and the protocol experts from the engineering school, to but 
a few obvious examples.

The point you're advocating is akin to taking the library and the 
bookshelves, but leaving the books behind. 

     -- Bret