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Re: [discuss] Individual representation

Dave and all,

  Again Dave, you should listen to your own good advice here, as
you are graphically demonstrating a gross lack of self understanding
in this comment, and as such are not meaningfully contributing to the
subject of this thread.  I know that you do have the capacity to do
so, but lack the discipline by which to put meaningful discussion
and discourse forward of late.  Please try to get a grip on

Dave Crocker wrote:

> At 06:35 PM 6/27/99 -0700, Roeland M.J. Meyer wrote:
> >Go back to the archives Dave, Randy isn't there, on ANY of the main
> >lists. Postel's stuff was strictly IANA internal and close associates.
> >NOT part of the public process.
> This exercise has probably now been pursued far enough to underscore what
> it primarily signifies:
> Roeland, what is there that is in any way constructive in this entire
> thread concerning Randy?  Note that it has nothing to do with substantive
> content under discussion and that it has consumed quite a bit of list
> bandwidth and attention.
> As I said, most who are non-constructive contributors lack adequate
> self-understanding.
> d/
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