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RE: [discuss] Individual representation

I know that Randy's been working on name-droppers for a long time (I
lurk there) and that he's been involved from the IETF angle. But, he
hasn't been part of the political process. He hasn't been a part of
these forums and he hasn't monitored all the meetings. I also know
Randy's tendency to shy from these sorts of political discussions.
Understandably so. What you may not understand is that I've been
watching Randy for over 10 years (or there 'bouts), since he took over
the FTSC chair. He may not remember me from NET_DEV, it's been a while,
but I definitely remember him, and his style. I dropped out of the
FidoNet developers (NET_DEV) scene in 1989 becasue I went into SURV_NET.

My point, Randy is no stranger to me, he is known. Please do not assume

> From: Dave Crocker [mailto:dcrocker@brandenburg.com]
> Sent: Sunday, June 27, 1999 6:00 PM
> At 04:53 PM 6/27/99 -0700, Roeland M.J. Meyer wrote:
> >Excuse me Randy, I have ALREADY made much action towards
> constructivism.
> >You are coming to these efforts late so you may not know about it. My
> Roeland, it's interesting that you are unaware of just how
> long and deeply
> and continuously Randy has been involved in these activities.  It
> highlights a kind of provincialism that pervades many of the
> individual
> discussion fora, each ignoring the others and then claiming
> that THEY are
> the one true forum.
> >problem is that I am no longer wanting to expend large amounts of
> >efforts when the processes I work with keeps getting
> hi-jacked. This is
> Indeed, hi-jacking is common.  One cause, of course, is a set
> of people who
> really like to focus on bashing one or another OTHER group,
> rather than
> focus on the much more difficult task of hashing out constructive
> details.  Another is a set of people who like to spread fear,
> uncertainty,
> doubt, and misinformation.  Still more comes from folks with
> impressively
> simplistic opinions -- and equally impressive rigidity to
> those views --
> not surprisingly including a lack of experience with public decision
> processes.
> Most of the people in these different groups (except those
> who clearly push
> the misinformation) believe they are being constructive.
> They are wrong.
> d/
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