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RE: [discuss] Individual representation

Excuse me Randy, I have ALREADY made much action towards constructivism.
You are coming to these efforts late so you may not know about it. My
problem is that I am no longer wanting to expend large amounts of
efforts when the processes I work with keeps getting hi-jacked. This is
also the problem many others have with these forums. I have been
involved with three separate efforts already, the main opportunity for
hi-jacking is presented by not having a process that was agreed to by
all. I want this agreement, nothing more. Working Groups instantiated
BEFORE the process is in place are a waste of time because they do NOT
have general buy-in/consensus of all the participants.

I suggest that you come up to speed faster. Notable; the last DNSO.ORG
draft was hi-jacked by internal special interests. The draft (BMW) that
was presented at Atlanta was NOT the draft worked on by the DNSO.ORG
participants. It (BMW) was a separate draft worked on by insiders and
SUBSTITUTED at the last minute for the consensus document. This is a
matter of record. It was a method similar to what IANA did to the IFWP
and the ORSC draft was the result. Frankly I am tired of working on
instruments that keep getting swiped. I was also involved in one of the
alternate proposals which were negotiated in Paris. I also facilitated a
discussion group which explored trademark law and DNS relationship wrt
registry operations, on both the IFWP list and the DOMAIN-POLICY lists,
the results were published on the DOMAIN-POLICY list, for lack of any
other place to put it. I was also part of a discussion thread that
explored root-zone distribution, along with Karl Auerbach and Jim Dixon,
again on the IFWP list. I have taken that effort and am now working on
root-server requirements with the intent of builkding an open-source
root-registry package, in the Linux tradition. BTW, I run

Before telling people that they should get to work, why not do a bit of
work yourself? What have YOU done lately?

> [mailto:owner-discuss@dnso.org]On Behalf Of
> Randy Bush
> Sent: Sunday, June 27, 1999 3:12 PM
> > I say again, building the organization needs to be priority
> ONE, before
> > any and ALL other activity
> my message asked for constructive action, not demands of what
> other people
> should do.