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Re: [discuss] Individual representation

Agreed.  It means the academic employees -- the academics (NOT the
"academic institutions") -- are disenfranchised. Which was my point and
Ellen's, and which neither of us seems to be able to put in terms you will

I presume you don't mean to suggest that acadmics, operating in their
individual capacity, have nothing of value to contribute to Internet
policy or even purely "technical" decisions?  But that would appear to be
the import of your remarks. 

On Sat, 26 Jun 1999, Randy Bush wrote:

> > It is not obvious or easy for me to become my university's representative.
> while you may have my sympathies for the internal bureaucratic problems of
> working within your institution, this was your choice of employ.  this in no
> way implies that academic institutions are disenfranchised.
> randy

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