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Re: [discuss] RE: [council] Re: [IFWP] regular exprssion of thegeneral assembly of the dnso

Javier Sola wrote:

> Tell us who of the IFWP/DNSO players work for NSi and who are
>those for whom you have paid plane tickets to the IFWP/DNSO meetings during
>the last year. Tell us what organizations you subsidize. There will be no
>accuracy problems after that.

More on point, can YOU please explain how two employees of the seme
corporation (MCI) can serve at the same time on the Names Council in direct
violation of the ICANN bylaws:

	"ARTICLE VI-B. 2(g) "No more than one officer, director or employee
of a corporation or other organization (including its subsidiaries and
affiliates) shall serve on the NC at any given time." 

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