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Re: [discuss] Individual representation

On 27 June 1999, Randy Bush <randy@psg.com> wrote:

>> I would argue that the people physically present in any meeting
>> are a proper subset of the mailing lists
>not clearly.  while there is significant overlap, i believe that not all
>meeting attendees are on this mailing list.  hence, the position taken at
>the nc meeting was that the ga is the list, not physical presence.

I would most fervently hope that physical presence was not taken to be
the regular expression because of travel expenses, time constraints, and
the expense involved in renting a space large enough once everyone who
wants to participate can, although they aren't yet aware of us. :)

In short, I really hope that physical presence was ruled out because it's
a Very Bad Idea(TM), and not because there may have been one or two people
in that room who aren't subscribed to the lists.

>and yes, outreach is a serious issue.  it will probably remain so for many
>years.  suggestions and constructive actions in this area are worthwhile.

Well, here's the problem:  Working group "E" is supposed to have that mission.
No one's volunteered to chair Working Group "E".  Because the administrative
portion of the meeting bled well into the public's time, the public never
got a chance to discuss this working group.

I have already expressed an interest in participating in Working Group "E".
However, I cannot chair for several reasons, including:

1)  I do not have the time,
2)  I do not have the experience,
3)  I do not have the age or social standing to steer a roomful of 
     curmudgeons the way other curmudgeons are apt to do,
4)  I suffer from lawyerphobia, and 
5)  I do not revel in the thought of being viewed as being responsible for
     the "public face" of the DNSO.  

Oh, and 6)  No one's addressed any issues regarding things like liability.
The last thing Working Group "E" needs to do is find itself, through 
ignorance or otherwise, misrepresenting a roomful of litigious types. 

I am, however, willing to commit what time I can find to helping grow the
participation within this process...err, getting people to join.

 Mark C. Langston