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Re: [discuss] Individual representation

> I must take issue with this view. Nobody should be called loud, just
> because an opposing argument is advanced.

while literally true, unfortunately there is a serious problem hidden

politics is the art of influencing the decision-making process.  when the
method of making one's point actually offends the convincee, one fatally
obscures the point and has lost at the starting gate.  this is trivially

more subtly but far more importantly, it makes it significantly harder for
folk with more political skill to advance similar positions.  i.e. it not
only poisons the screamer but often poisons the reasonable part(s) of the
screamer's position.  this is not smart.

but it makes a wonderful tactic for the opposing side, encourage (and/or
subsidize) screamers whose views you do not support.  they muddy the entire
process while they sabotage their own positions, a double win!