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[discuss] Points from the NC meeting

I just wanted to clarify my words from the public meeting;

1) We can not form working groups (WG) before we have a General Assembly
2) We did not have a GA until friday, when the initial GA was deemed to
be the members of this list.
3) We also did not have a meeting place, for the GA, until Friday, when
this list was deemed the meeting place of the GA.

Arguments were made that we can go ahead with some WG activity prior to
recognition of a GA.

I submit that this is false. The primary purpose of a WG is to garner
and build consensus. One of the key features of a WG is buy-in, from the
GA, in their very existance. One can not garner consensus from a GA that
doesn't exist. The process that garners that consensus does not yet
exist, even if we already have a GA.

We have a limited amount of resources and a lot of work to do, just
defining the organization. We have no business process. What little we
do have is ad hoc. The motion has been put to table the WG discussions
and get on with the process discussion.

Joop has made his polling booth available. However, this may not exactly
be the thing to do. The DNSO needs to have ther own polling software in
place on it's own servers. Yes, I'm short-cutting to the chase. We need
a means to gather opinions and votes, there are many ways to do this,
let's open this point for discussion.

Roeland M.J. Meyer
Morgan Hill Software Company, Inc.