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RE: [discuss] Re: [IFWP] regular exprssion of the general assembly of the dnso

At 09:22 PM 6/26/99 -0700, Roe land M.J. Meyer wrote:
>The same point goes to you, that I made to Javier. Let's cut the BS now
>and get to work, if you can.


It is most drole to see YOUtake the role of protector of the constructive 
agenda, but by all means, please DO focus on such constructive content.

However, please note that:

1.  You do not achieve that goal by sending notes contributing to a/the 
distracting thread,

3.  Outrageous distortions and efforts by significant "contributors" to 
distract and distort will continue to elicit notes of contradiction and 
correction from me, and

3. One wonders whether you would have sent such a note to Tony, alone, had 
I not first challenged (oh, forgive my labeling error... "stalked") him.


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