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Re: [discuss] Individual representation

Kent Crispin wrote:

>You as another loud voice want to add yet more.  It won't
>make things any better.

Actually, I have said publicly that IMHO, the entire constituency structure
is an unnecessary and inappropriate way to slice the DNS pie.  My comments
about representing the academic interests could also be made about
representing, say, the religious community or even the Gay Red Herrings for

The whole problem with this self=organizing privatizing process is that it
is, indeed, built on self-interest.  I often encourage people monitoring
the evolution of ICANN to read Penguin Island by Anatole France, which
tells the story of a nearsighted missionary who mistakenly believes the
land is inhabited by unclothed heathens in need of refinement as he defines
>The ICANN formation process, on the other hand was constrained to be
>a product of the loudest voices.  Not surprising that it isn't quite
>as elegant.

The words "elegant" and "ICANN" do not belong in close proximity. Earlier
in t his process, I believed, perhaps naively, that ICANN would develop
through a series of course corrections, which is how our rocket scientists
got the Apollo spacecraft to the moon.  I have recently come to believe
that the order of business has been pre-ordained behind closed doors, and
all the energy we are putting into the meetings, proposals, bylaws,
structures, comparisons, mailing lists, etc. are encouraged only to give
the appearance of a public self organizing process.

This sea change for Internet administration isn't going to be determined by
the loudest voices but by the deepest pockets.


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