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Re: [discuss] Individual representation

Randy and all,

Randy Bush wrote:

> >>>> if the academic institution is non-commercial, why would they not wish
> >>>> to join the non-commercial constituency?
> > If the trademark community is commercial, why would they not wish to join
> > the business constituency?  This in no way implies that owners of trade
> > and service marks would be disenfranchised.
> once more, as we seem to keep following red herrings.  the acacemic
> community is welcome and encouraged to join the non-commercial constituency.
> hence they do have a constituency and a voice.

  As you suggest here Randy, hence, we wind up with a huge group
that does not have adaquate representation, namely the Education
and academic community as in being or coerced into joining the
Non-commercial Constituency serves to drown out their specific
and differing interests.  Such a suggestion or attempt to coerce
the academic and education community or domain name holders
is paramount to not recognizing the differences in these groups
interests.  It boads poorly as well that the ISOC has already
captured the non-commercial constituency and decided to make it
a closed organizations without adequate qualification criteria...

> randy


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