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Re: [discuss] Individual representation

On Sat, 26 Jun 1999 22:00:42 -0700 (PDT), Randy Bush <randy@psg.com>

>>> if the academic institution is non-commercial, why would they not wish to
>>> join the non-commercial constituency?
>in the 50-odd lines of response, the above question is not answered but is
>unsuccessfully used as a soapbox for all sorts of chaos about side issues.
>not that i necessarily disagree (or agree) with the side issues.  but just
>having had a nice sushi dinner, i am not up for a lot of red herrings.

The answer was quite clear.  Constituencies by definition share a
common interests.  There is a definite difference between
non-commercial organizations interests and those of the academic

There have about as much in common as the Commercial/Business and the
Trademark constituencies do.

You must apply the same standards as have been applied to other
constituencies when considering the merits of new constituencies.

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