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RE: [discuss] Re: [IFWP] regular exprssion of the general assembly of the dnso

Get off it Javier, that's pure BS and you know it. You build a
cross-post mole-hill into a conspiricy mountain. Haven't we had enough
of these "coloring" aspersions already? I for one am getting quite tired
of it. A simple request to not cross-post would be sufficient and
Richard's not responsible for what anyone else does.

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> Javier SOLA
> Sent: Saturday, June 26, 1999 12:30 PM
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> Subject: [discuss] Re: [IFWP] regular exprssion of the
> general assembly
> of the dnso
> Richard,
> I have received this message from owner-list@ifwp.org.
> Please remove my e-mail from the ifwp list immediatly. I have not
> subscribed to such list and do not wish to be spammed by it.
> I would like
> to remind you that, as an employee of Network Solutions, your
> company is
> responsible for your actions.
> Please do the same thing for everybody you have added against
> their will.
> At 03:40 26/06/99 -0400, Richard J. Sexton wrote:
> >So, it seems to me a better idea that declaring
> >the discuss@dnso.org list as the regular expression
> >of the general assembly of the DNSO would be to
> >use the IFWP list for that purpose; it may take months
> >or perhaps even a year to get the dnso list to the size
> >the ifwp list.
> >
> >Are there any reasons why this shouldn't be done ?
> As you have just showed us, the managment of the IFWP cannot
> be trusted. No
> wonder there are so many people in it, they are added against
> their will.
> Javier