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Re: [discuss] Individual representation

It is not obvious or easy for me to become my university's representative.
Certainly I would not put myself forward as a spokes-person for the
University without going through a lot of bureaucracy with the President's
office to be approved and anointed.   In fact, I have no idea who if
anyone would have the authority to so anoint me.

Nor is it obvious that my university would be entitled to two
representatives -- but what if two people from my university seek input?

As far as I can tell, I (as an academic) am not represented.  Especially
when you consider that university bureaucrats think a little differently
from most faculty.....

Furthermore, insofar as I was to be my university's representative, I would
feel duty bound to represent its views and interests.  Those are not
always identical to my own.  Certainly the priorities will differ if
nothing else.  Does U.Miami care about my personal privacy?  Not very
much I would guess.

[OK, as it happens I have an individual domain, so maybe I could come in
there.  If and when that gets going.  But you see my point...]

On Sat, 26 Jun 1999, Randy Bush wrote:

> Ellen Rony is alleged to have written:
> > Let me ask--why would people in the academic community want to join as
> > ICANN members when they have no representation in the DNSO.
> if the academic institution is non-commercial, why would they not wish to
> join the non-commercial constituency?
> randy

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