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Re: [discuss] Individual representation

At 04:43 PM 6/26/99 -0700, Kent Crispin wrote:
>IETF members get to be part of the "general assembly" of the IETF,
>but they cannot vote for the IAB or IESG.

I've no doubt that this will prove counter-productive to the current topic, 
but nonetheless feel it essential to be accurate and precise:

IESG and IAB members are selected by members of a "nominating 
committee".  While formal approval involves some intricacies, the real 
authority lies with the NomCom.

NomCom members are selected from a random pool of IETF "members" -- the 
term "member" actually does not formally exist for IETF participants 
--  who offer their services (and satisfy some basic requirements for 
history of attendance at the IETF.)


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