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Re: [discuss] Re: [IFWP] regular exprssion of the general assembly of the dnso

At 03:57 PM 6/26/99 -0400, A.M. Rutkowski wrote:
>>to remind you that, as an employee of Network Solutions, your company is
>As Chair, perhaps you might tell us how you feel
>about Network Solutions.

Tony, as a paid agent of NSI, perhaps you might tell us why you are so 
persistent in trying to distract public discussion in this manner, as well 
as being particularly abusive and/or dismissive of any criticism of NSI?


ps.  Yes, I know you make a point of pretending not to see or respond to my 
notes, instead preferring to send an occasional, silly  personal taunt 
rather than respond to matters of substance, but, that's ok.  It's entirely 
in keeping with your more general tone of "contribution".  (I particularly 
like your creative reference to my public responses to your public 
"contributions" as "stalking" since it is such a remarkably concise 
demonstration if your own attitude towards public, open processes.)

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