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Confusion with facts to: Re: [discuss] FW: Re: S. 705


Dear Readers,

  I would take particular exception with some of what Mr. Crispin has
stated here, and would do so in open court if that occasion should
become necessary.

  First Joop has never opposed Kent Crispin or Dave Crocker, or
anyone from being members of the IDNO proposed "Constituency"
As Kent Indicate here.  Joop never attempted to drive Kent Crispin or
Dave Crocker out of being members, as in fact neither of these individuals
ever joined the IDNO constituency.  I witnessed all of the correspondence
on the IDNO mailing list where this "Discussion" took place.

Kent Crispin wrote:

> On Thu, Jun 24, 1999 at 12:16:13PM -0400, Milton Mueller wrote:
> [...]
> >
> > I do not think Antony's swipe at Joop is justified. The IDNO was forced to deal
> > with the problem of how to handle the participation in IDNO of people whose stated
> > object was to oppose the formation of an individual's constituency. No other
> > constituency has had to deal with this problem. It created some awkwardness.
> In fact, however, the problem you state did not exist.  Neither Dave
> Crocker or I ever stated that our object was to oppose the formation
> of the constituency.  My strongest explicit statement on the subject
> was that I was not sure that the constituency was necessary, which
> is a vastly different thing.
> Furthermore, as is well-known by the ICANN Board and many of the
> current members of the DNSO, the historical record of the DNSO has
> been that I have SUPPORTED individual representation in the DNSO --
> in Barcelona it was I who proposed a structure with half the names
> council positions going to an at-large constituency which was
> essentially composed of individuals (organizations could join by
> supplying individual members).
> In fact, Joop's attack on Dave and I was a pure matter of his
> personal dislike, buttressed by truly offensive posts from Roeland
> Meyer,  constant antagonism from William Walsh, and negative messages
> from a handful of others.  The net effect was a concerted attempt to
> force Dave and I out of the organization purely on personal grounds --
> something completely at odds with any ideals of openness,
> trasparency, or democracy.
> My general position is still that I am not sure that an IDNO needs to
> exist.  However, I am now convinced that the IDNO that Joop is trying
> to organize is not legitimate, and I will formally request that the
> DNSO and the ICANN board not use it as a basis for an Individual's
> constituency, of whatever stripe.  In my opinion, if there is to be
> an individuals constituency, it must be started fresh by someone
> with a much better record for neutrality.
> --
> Kent Crispin                               "Do good, and you'll be
> kent@songbird.com                           lonesome." -- Mark Twain


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