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Re: [discuss] FW: Re: S. 705

On Thu, Jun 24, 1999 at 12:16:13PM -0400, Milton Mueller wrote:
> I do not think Antony's swipe at Joop is justified. The IDNO was forced to deal
> with the problem of how to handle the participation in IDNO of people whose stated
> object was to oppose the formation of an individual's constituency. No other
> constituency has had to deal with this problem. It created some awkwardness.

In fact, however, the problem you state did not exist.  Neither Dave
Crocker or I ever stated that our object was to oppose the formation
of the constituency.  My strongest explicit statement on the subject
was that I was not sure that the constituency was necessary, which 
is a vastly different thing.

Furthermore, as is well-known by the ICANN Board and many of the
current members of the DNSO, the historical record of the DNSO has
been that I have SUPPORTED individual representation in the DNSO --
in Barcelona it was I who proposed a structure with half the names
council positions going to an at-large constituency which was
essentially composed of individuals (organizations could join by
supplying individual members). 

In fact, Joop's attack on Dave and I was a pure matter of his 
personal dislike, buttressed by truly offensive posts from Roeland 
Meyer,  constant antagonism from William Walsh, and negative messages 
from a handful of others.  The net effect was a concerted attempt to 
force Dave and I out of the organization purely on personal grounds --
something completely at odds with any ideals of openness, 
trasparency, or democracy.

My general position is still that I am not sure that an IDNO needs to
exist.  However, I am now convinced that the IDNO that Joop is trying
to organize is not legitimate, and I will formally request that the
DNSO and the ICANN board not use it as a basis for an Individual's
constituency, of whatever stripe.  In my opinion, if there is to be
an individuals constituency, it must be started fresh by someone 
with a much better record for neutrality.

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