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[discuss] EURO909.COM becomes registrar




"We're happy to acknowledge Euro909.com as our first European
 Premier Gold member," said Jim Rutt, Network Solutions' chief
 executive officer. "We began our International Premier program with
 our Scandinavian members last July, and now Euro909.com ranks as the
 only European company to reach this level of domain name


As an Internet solutions integrator (or ISI), Euro909.com
provides services ranging from domain name registration through
Network Solutions, e-commerce, Web site design and hosting, Internet
access, business and consumer e-mail services, international
telephony, and a wide variety of other communications products and

  Question for the DNSO NC/PNC (Legitimate?):

Will EURO909.COM get to have representation in the registrars
constituency?  Or is ICANN and the DNSO going to find some excuse
block them as well???

Jeffrey A. Williams
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