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[discuss] General Assembly (was: FW: Re: S. 705)

>>There is no General Assembly, hence the DNSO doesn't exist.  To date this
>>has concerned no-one in the Names Council.
>Any proposals?

Yes. What follows below is from the CENTR consensus document presented in 
Singapore. Creation of the General Assembly, and particularly focusing on 
Paragraph 5.4, should be one of the DNSO's highest priorities. This could 
be considered as part of Working Group D, which will focus on the 
internal operating procedures of the DNSO, or it could be addressed by a 
new Working Group. 

     -- Bret

 From the CENTR proposal | http://www.centr.org/press/singapore.html

5. General Assembly

5.1. The General Assembly is an open, consensus based, assembly which is 
process oriented rather than member oriented. 

5.2. The participants in the General Assembly are individuals who have a 
knowledge of and an interest in issues pertaining to achievement of DNSO 
objectives, who are willing to contribute time, effort and expertise in 
DNSO work items, including work item proposal and development, discussion 
of work items, draft document preparation, participation in working 
groups and steering committees, etc.

5.3. The proposed General Assembly will hold formal meetings at regular 
intervals, and will conduct its work between these meetings by means of 
electronic communications. 

5.4. The General Assembly will require processes for a variety of 
activities including:

- convening and conducting meetings,

- proposing and recognising new DNSO work items / work areas, 

- progressing work, 

- developing consensus

- reporting its proceedings.

5.5. General Assembly conference costs shall be covered by an equitable 
charge on attendees. Conferences and meetings shall be held online 
whenever possible.

5.6. There shall be no General Assembly membership fees. 

5.7. The Chair of the Names Council shall chair the General Assembly.