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Re: [discuss] Names Council - Lagitamacy?

Javier and all readers,

  As many of you whom are participating on this list know very
well the legitimacy of the Names Council or the PNC is certainly
in question.  In berlin, as is evident in the notes and videos on that
Berlin conference, there was much controversy as to the legitimacy
of this "Names Council" as now, Javier is refering to it.

  As this body (PNC or Names council), was not elected as is required in
the ICANN bylaws as well as in the MOU with the NTIA, one might imagine
that any statements any of it's "Supposed self appointed members", may
make are at the very least circumspect.

Javier wrote:

> Michael F.,
> Everything about the Names Council is public and is published in the
> www.dnso.org website: its members and the contents of the meetings, as well
> as the work calendar. We also try to publish the meeting agendas in advance.
> The Names Council now has 9 members from the IP, ISP and business
> constituencies. The addition of 3 members from the Registrar constituency
> is imminet. We also hope that the ccTLDs will have their 3 representatives
> elected next week. Nsi has not named a representative (that we know of).
> The non-commercial constituency has not yet been approved. We hope that
> they will be approved in the Santiago meeting, and that they will have
> elected their representatives at that time.
> Our next meeting in on June 25th to create new WGs. We will also have a
> meeting for public input on policy on the same day. Both meetings are open.
> My only role in the Names Council is a member of it. I just happened to
> Chair the last teleconference and apply the criteria of the organisation of
> which we are a committee (ICANN)
> Javier
> At 11:17 18/06/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >I am open to education on the structure of the Names Council, and Mr.
> >Sola's role in it.  Indeed I would welcome it.
> >
> >I do not think that by debating anyone one approves, tacitly or otherwise,
> >of any of their actions.  Indeed, you have just been debating me, and I am
> >now debating you.
> >
> >On Fri, 18 Jun 1999, Michael Sondow wrote:
> >
> >> Michael Froomkin - U.Miami School of Law a écrit:
> >> >
> >> > Dear Mr. Sola:
> >> >
> >> > Thank you for your generally constructive and open response to my
> >> > questions on what must by now be a painful subject.
> >>
> >> <et cetera>
> >>
> >> Mr. Froomkin-
> >>
> >> Your reply to Mr. Sola was admirably reasoned and phrased. But
> >> aren't you, by debating with him, promoting a fiction of which only
> >> he is the beneficiary: that he, Mr. Sola, is somehow an official of
> >> ICANN or its DNSO? Mr. Sola has not been designated the leader of
> >> the DNSO or its Names Council by any due or democratic process. How
> >> could he have been, when there have been no, or a minority, of duly
> >> elected Names Council members from the DNSO's constituencies to
> >> elect him?
> >>
> >> Mr. Sola has assumed a position of power in the Names Council by
> >> dint of an aggressive character and an indifference towards
> >> democratic process. He enjoys no expressed confidence by the
> >> Internet stakeholder community, but only the transitory and
> >> ill-gotten fruits of his mischief. By debating governance issues
> >> with him, aren't you tacitly appproving his illicit actions? Is that
> >> a wise thing to do?
> >>
> >> Michael Sondow
> >>
> >
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