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[discuss] [Attention Fay Howard][Fwd: [IFWP] FYI] - Special thanks to Richard Sexton


  I received this via the IFWP list from Richard Sexton.  Many thanks
for passing this on Richard.

  Fay Howard, if you are subscribed to this list, what specifically
has been done to pass this information onto other "Interested Parties"
or otherwise ccTLD domain name holders?  Also, why are the notes
for the ccTLD constituency being kept at
instead of the DNSO.ORG site?  Or are they going to be kept on both?
Many of our members in Europe will be wanting to know...

  Thank you for answering these questions in advance, as I am sure
that Fay or the PNC will be most prompt in doing so.


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> My take on it is it's coming together, plus, ICANN is sufficiently
> horrifying poeple that complete unknowns are coming out of the
> woodwork asking how to run alternative root servers.
Well, my favorite example of people being horrified (probably not the
right word, it is a somewhat trivial example if an amusing one) by
ICANN was at the ccTLD meeting in Berlin:
    Point 10.1 stated that "The ccTLD Constituency processes shall adhere
    to the ICANN principles of openness and transparency." The meeting
    does not vouch for ICANN principles, and the consensus was to let the
    sentence stand without the word "ICANN" (amid some mirth)
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